To Amelia on the day we brought you home

All right kid, you’ve been in the world now a couple of days.  You’ve probably figured out by now that your moms a super hero and maybe you wonder if your dad wears the same flannel everyday.  Maybe you think you’ve got a four-legged hairy brother with terrible breath.  Someday your mom will teach you how to be a superhero too because the world certainly needs more of them.  And someday I’ll teach you how to paddle and we can take the canoe and go chasing after your mom in her kayak.  And someday I’ll show you how to build things and we can make something together out of wood.  Maybe someday we can sit out and watch a storm roll in and listen to the thunder together and you can learn how to be brave.  Someday I’ll teach you how to take a fish off the hook.  Someday your mom and I will take you all around the world so you can meet all the different kinds of people there are and learn that they’re pretty much all the same.  For now though, I think I’ll just leave someday somewhere else so I can sit here and hold you while you sleep and smell the top of your fuzzy little head.  Welcome home, Lil Lady.IMG_2829

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