Flanneldad.com is my wife’s first Father’s Day gift to me 3 months into my new career as a full-time stay-at-home dad.  IMG_2829I used to be an inner city high school social studies teacher and canoe country trail guide and I think she’s worried I might lose my mind without some sort of project or creative outlet and a means of maintaining my adult vocabulary.  I had always assumed blogs were for unemployed Millennials and self-important jackasses, but, as is often the case, she turned out to be right, and having a chance to write about my experiences in this new adventure is good for me and maybe someday Amelia will want to read about the time it was just she and her dad, alone, all the live-long day.

I came into this stay-at-home gig with some serious plans: front-packing the kid for carpentry projects and portages to the lake,  all-day meat smoking, daily paddle-naps and monthly camping trip for the Lil Lady, learning to sew so I could fix all my gear on rainy days, starting a cedar strip canoe refinishing business,  starting an online custom wooden ring business, writing and publishing a children’s book, maybe walking 4 miles everyday until I get in the best shape of my life, maybe getting the garage organized enough so we can park in it again.  I’m willing to admit there was a pretty big disconnect between my foolish pre-Flanneldad dreams and the present-day Flanneldad reality, but some of that stuff has happened, and I’ve still got plans.  We’re still parking in the driveway though.   If any of this sounds interesting, please read further and, though I’m too old to ever become a  Millennial, if I happen to stray toward becoming that self-important blog jackass, please tell me.  I guess there’s a way to leave comments if you want to.

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